7 Ocak 2016 Perşembe

Hey Dolls!

Such a long timeee!
I am very busy that I literally do not have time even for myself. Being a businesswoman and a hausewife is tiring. Anyway I had such a great stuff recently. Lets talk one by one in time.. It is the first time that I had la roche posay-effaclar- tonic. However I love it even from the first trial! That is fascinating with its texture, refreshness, smell and colour :) I will definetely let you know how it goes in the end. Hope it leaves the same impression like its purifying foaming gel ^^

And I finally got garnier cleansing peeling-arindirici peeling-. I read about using it in shower when your pores get bigger with hot steam of water..I liked it so far..we will see how novel it is for my blackheads :)

P.s. I bought them from www.eczanemizde.com  which you can catch up the discount of 25%!

Take care to your skin! :)